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First of all, if you want to create an Instagram account, you have to download the IOS or Android app from your mobile phone or tablet and follow the instructions below. In this article, you will learn how to do it step by step.

Instagram is one of the social networks preferred by most Internet users. If you still don’t have a presence in this social network, you’ll love this article because I’ll share all the steps to create a new optimized profile on Instagram. I’ll also give you a quick tour on the ins and outs of Instagram just so you can understand how the social network works.

What Do You Need And How Do You Create An Instagram Account?

Before creating a new Instagram account, you’ll first need to have the following:

  • A tentative bio for your brand (you can use your own Twitter for reference)
  • The emojis and symbols most suitable for your brand, you can get them from these pages:
  • Symbols for twitter
  • Emojis for Twitter
  • An avatar photo (without small texts)
  • Your first set of content (i.e. pictures, videos, etc.) that you’ll upload (minimum 1, although I recommend uploading a composition with 6/9 pictures)
  • Open a new note on your cell phone to copy:
    • Tentative bio
    • Link
    • Emojis and symbols of the brand
    • Descriptions of the first contents
  • Download the Instagram application (you can’t create an account from your computer)
  • Get a solid set of organic followers through apps like SimplyGram to build your community and jumpstart your Instagram influencer lifestyle.

How To Create Another Instagram Account

To create a new Instagram account, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Download the Instagram (official) application on your cell phone
  • Open the application and select the option to register
  • You can register by taking the data from Facebook or from the beginning
  • Confirm the email that Instagram will send you
  • Log in to the social network with your new credentials
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