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Instagram published through their blog before how publicity will work in the social network and they also commented how, in the coming weeks, the Americans will start to see examples of how it works. Next, I will share a visual example and some details to take into account.

How Does Advertising Work On Instagram?

With this example, we can see how the ads will have the “Sponsored” mark and through the button, we can hide the photo or video, the latter will serve as feedback.

example instagram ads

User privacy

Instagram warns that no advertiser can use the videos and photos of users of the social network.


The social network confirms its interest in always offering the best advertising content to its users and that is why it allows them to report the content they least like. This will help them improve their Ads system.

How Ads Show Up To Users

The publicity that will be shown to the users will depend on information extracted from Instagram and Facebook, at this moment, the social network confirms that it will be based on:

  • People who follow users
  • Photos and videos that users like
  • Interests and basic information of Facebook

Who Sees The Ads?

All users will see Instagram advertising even if they are not Facebook users, the basic information of FB is only to help create a better experience.

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