Hashtag Insights, Alt-Text, Instagram Countdown Timer for Stories, Close Friends

Instagram just received a new update and with it came many excellent features added by applying an even better algorithm to the already great platform! This excellent update came with many new features that can make your business better than ever through the help of an Instagram growth service. You have probably heard about some of the features it came with, but here we will break them all down in detail:

1. Posts To Different Accounts

We’ve all spent time tagging our friends in an amazing photo only to notice that we’re on the wrong account. With the newest update, you don’t have to go through this pain again because this feature can solve the problem by simply letting you toggle between accounts.

2. Hashtag Insights

Now it is easier than ever to know which hashtags are working and which are not. With Instagram’s new feature, you can simply track the impressions you are getting. You can do this by simply navigating to a recent post, click “View insights” and while scrolling down you will find the impressions area.

3. Alt-Text

Instagram did something great by adding a new feature that helps visually impaired users with a new way to listen to a text. With Alt-Text, anyone using a screen reader will be able to listen to your image description by reading your alt text. It is an excellent way to have anyone with visual problems enjoy your picture.

4. Instagram Countdown Timer for Stories

Countdown times are a great strategy to use if you want to make a memorable opening, promotion, etc. You can now create different marketing strategies with the new countdown timer for stories, and give more life to your posted events!

5. Close Friends

The new Close Friends feature helps you engage your closest followers by rewarding them with exclusive stories only they can see. This excellent feature can be used to send secrets to your closest friends or also engage with a formal business by securing your information from the public. 

6. Sharing Posts to Stories

You can now send people from your story to an image or feed-in someone else’s post by using the new Sharing Posts to Stories feature! This feature lets you share any post no matter if it is a friend’s or someone else’s, and link it to an Instagram story of your own. This excellent feature can help increase yours or your friend’s traffic by linking one post to another.

7. In Other Words

Instagram came with many more features to familiarize yourself with. Some are good, and others are great! We recommend you learn more about them and get to know the excellent, ever-improving platform of Instagram even better. 

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