How To Create Effective Posts On Instagram post image

We’re very used to generating content for Facebook and Twitter and whenever we come across moments where we have to generate content for other social networks, sometimes we don’t know where to start. Today, I decided to share some recommendations on how you can create effective posts on Instagram.

Why Have A Presence On Instagram?

Currently, Instagram is revolutionizing the Internet. It already has 150 million registered users who share their best moments every day through the application. If you want reasons as to why they do that then I can give you some:

  • Because Instagram users consume a lot of time inside the app and it has the zapping effect, they constantly go from one photo to another and they religiously view some accounts
  • Because your competition is probably not even present in the social network, so you can have more chances to highlight
  • Because it’s visual, and less is more in this era. With an image or video, you can transmit through text the things you can’t such as emotions

How To Create Effective Publications

Below, I have compiled some tips that will come great when creating effective publications. You can also consider Instagram growth service apps such as SimplyGram that help you gain engaging and organic followers.

Use External Tools To Improve Your Images

Although Instagram is a social network based on images, this doesn’t mean that we can publish simple images. The better the quality they have, the greater the effectiveness. Unless your account is only about jokes and famous phrases, no matter what the image is, where everything goes viral in a matter of seconds.

To personalize your images you can use tools such as:

  • Typic PRO to add frames, typographies, and icons in your images
  • Frametastic to build frames with several images
  • NoCRop to upload images to the real size, thus avoiding cutting the best part

Use Filters

The good thing about Instagram is even with a not-so-great photo, with the help of a good filter and frame, it ends up being a great one. That’s why it takes advantage of this functionality and improves your images in a matter of seconds.

Create A Standard For Your Publications

Try to have a standard template to generate your Instagram posts. This means that the colors, typographies, and frames of your images should have the same line. This will make your content look more professional and, above all, more coherent.

Create A Content Mix

If your brand allows it, try to vary the contents in its typology and in its format (images and videos), you can have an editorial plan that will help you with this, for example:

  • Monday – famous phrases
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – promotion of products and services
  • Thursday – offers and discounts
  • Friday and weekends – entertainment or emotional content

Connect with your fans by creating content that excites

It’s important to connect with the fans, especially considering that users scroll through their Instagram timelines very quickly. You have to offer something so your follower would stop, read, and analyze what you post. Play with emotions, discover what your fans like most and always bet on it.

Create promotions and raffles

Fans love promotions, any excuse is valid for them as long as they’ll win something. The only thing I ask is that you don’t give away an iPad, always try to give away a product or service of your brand.

Use hashtags

Remember to correctly use hashtags, identify those that suit your brand, it doesn’t matter if they don’t exist, you can create them and own them :).

Mention others in your publications

Mentions others in your posts through the mentions system.

When it fits and whenever you can, use calls to action

Always try to analyze if a call to action fits for your engagement to rise.

Promote content in other media

You already have your posts with everything and hashtags to reach a greater audience, the last thing you need is to promote it through other social networks where your brand has a presence. For example, share it on Facebook and Twitter. Remember that, on Facebook, you can select a fan page to post instead of a profile.

If you don’t have that, you can always use trusty apps such as SimplyGram to gain that Instagram presence! Expect engaging and organic followers who are actually interested in your content flocking to your account!

Finally, have fun

Always try to have fun while you’re managing a brand on Instagram. One of the advantages of this social network is that it’s different and therefore helps create new things and find new ways to attract your fans.

What You Should NEVER Do On Instagram

  • Use the same Twitter technique of “I follow you and I’ll stop following you if you don’t give me follow back”
  • Upload photos and fill them with 30 hashtags, no need to abuse this system. Identify the hashtags of your theme and allow yourself to use those. It’s totally forbidden to use hashtags like #tagsforlike, you can’t beg for likes 😛
  • Having an account full of REPOST images, it’s like having a Twitter account full of retweets
  • Copy content from other accounts and not give credit
  • Never upload images if you don’t have the necessary rights
  • Avoid bad words and prohibited content in your posts
  • If you make a mistake, rectify it 😉
  • Don’t be self-centered, it’s not all about your brand, although there are some that only do that 😛
  • Don’t upload images with small letters that can’t be read with a magnifying glass
  • You don’t need to mention dozens of people, there are many that use the option of labeling
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