Alexandra Botez is a name synonymous with chess. This young American-Canadian chess player has won several competitions, thanks to her determination not to give up. Although she doesn’t compete at pro levels now, she still expresses her love for chess through the Alexandra Botez Twitch channel.

Brief Bio

Wondering about Alexandra Botez age? Well, she is a 25 years old girl of American-Canadian descent. She was born in September 1995. From early on, she showed a strong interest in chess and other games. The Alexandra Botez wiki profile mentions that she started playing chess when she was 6. Soon after, her knack for the game took her to higher levels.

Alexandra quickly established a huge social media fan base due to her chess mastery and lively personality. From sharing chess secrets to providing glimpses of her behind-the-camera life, she does everything to perfection on Instagram and other networks.

Alexandra has attended Stanford University, where her main interests were chess and machine learning. This young woman is intelligent and smart in all aspects.

Alexandra Botez Stanford education and interests led her to start a machine learning company in 2017. Unfortunately, the company ceased operations after two years, according to the Alexandra Botez Wikipedia profile.

Social Media Followers

Being a young, inspiring woman, Alexandra has earned a large number of followers on different social media platforms. Moreover, Alexandra Botez chess popularity made her an authority in the chess niche.

Her YouTube channel, BotezLive, has 340K subscribers. She shares her chess strategies (not all of them, obviously) and gives us a glimpse into her everyday life through her social channels.

The Alexandra Botez Instagram account is going strong at 380K followers. She uses smart organic strategies to grow Insta followers.

Alexandra has been the Canadian National Girls champion five times. She also once earned the U.S. Girls Nationals title, besides participating in several Olympiads and regional level games by 2020. On top of that, she worked with many International chess masters. Her FIDE ELO rating is 2020, while her Blitz score is 2059. These impressive stats make Botez a shining star in the chess world.

Alexandra also runs a twitch channel with her sister, Andrea, where the pair talks about chess and other stuff. They live stream video games, share their life stories, and inspire chess lovers to learn and practice.

Alexandra’s mastery of chess has made her a famous name, evidenced by “Botez Gambit.” Botez came up with this satirical phrase, and it is now used by all chess players when they accidentally lose their queen.

Alexandra compiled all moves that led to “Botez Gambit” and shared them on her YouTube channel for other chess learners. If you’re interested in learning inside tricks and secrets of chess, head over to the “BotezLive” on YouTube, and you’ll love her content.

Alexandra also contributes to several chess-related shows where she imparts her knowledge for the game. Her Twitch live streams are loaded with fun stuff and valuable resources for chess lovers.

Net Worth

Alexandra’s net worth is estimated to be $300K. Of course, this is a rough estimate, but some sources say that she makes 6-figures as a Twitch streamer and Instagram influencer.

Alexandra has influenced the young generation with her wit and her love for chess for several years now. As a result, her Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube communities are full of passionate followers looking forward to making their name in chess.

Alexandra’s full-of-life attitude, intelligence, and love for the game have turned her into a bright social media star. She’s already a big name and will surely gain even more fame and followers over time.

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