Alex Wassabi real name Alex Burris is a YouTube celebrity from the United States. He is well known for his fun content. Alex posts challenges, parodies, and music videos on his channel, which have made him famous across the globe.

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Wassabi is a popular name on YouTube, evidenced by his 11.5M subscribers. Wassabi productions’ famous collaborations have been with Lilly Singh, Dwayne Johnson, and The YouTube Factory.

Brief Bio

Alex was born to Filipino parents and grew up with three siblings (two brothers and a sister) in North Carolina. Alex Wassabi brother, Aaron Burris, is also a popular YouTube star who posts daily life videos, travel vlogs, and sometimes funny skits. 

Social Media Followers

If you’re wondering how old is Alex Wassabi, you’d be surprised that he is 31 and has gained so much popularity at such a young age. 

The Alex Wassabi Instagram account has 3.2M followers, and his YouTube channel has 11.5M subscribers. But, these aren’t the only two social media platforms where Alex actively posts; he also has a strong Facebook (800K followers) and Twitter (1.2M followers) presence. Wassabi’s Instagram account is now growing like never before, thanks to his organic strategies to grow Instagram followers.

Alex’s friend, Roi, started their channel in 2005. Alex joined him in 2006. The pair kept posting sketches, challenges, and other fun stuff weekly, which made them popular amongst Gen-Z and millennials alike. 

Alex Wassabi got real fame in 2012 when he created a parody song, “Call me maybe.” This song went viral and earned their channel immense popularity. Alex Wassabi age may surprise you, but he has ventured into several projects already, from music production to merchandise and acting to social media influence.

Alex and Roi’s “Call me Maybe” video garnered 141M views as of May 2021. This video took Wassabi production to new heights of fame. And by the time Alex and Roi graduated, they were already YouTube stars. 

Alex produces some good music too. His popular songs include “What it may,” “What it be,” “Nightshirt,” and “Beauty and the Rolanda” (which is a diss track, but it has a good tune). 

Alex’s experimental personality has led him to several ventures, and some of them are pretty successful, such as his music. 

Net Worth

Although stating an exact figure isn’t possible, estimates show that Alex’s net worth is nearing $15M in 2021. This is a rounded figure of his different income streams, including acting, music production, influencer marketing, and merch sales. 

Alex Wassabi Merch is the social media icon’s official store of merch goodies. He started the store in 2020 by selling hoodies, sweatshirts, and some other merch items for his fans. But sadly, it’s been shut down now. 

YouTube fame is not short-lived, and Alex Wassabi’s case proves the point. This young YouTube star is nearing a decade in his content creation career and is still as famous as ever. His fun challenges, videos, sketches, and parody songs make his fans giggle. And his inspiring personality brings life to the content he creates. 

Youngsters like Alex Wassabi are inspirations for anyone who needs to kickstart a social media career.

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