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Instagram has evolved to being one of the most essential tools used to connect to audiences and build influence through social media. It is also a known fact that brands who know how to use Instagram stories in their businesses are able to multiply their reach and visibility tenfold.

In leaps and bounds, the use of the stories feature is being increasingly maximized by Instagram users. These days, it is safe to say that knowing how to use Instagram stories effectively is now a must for any brand aiming to succeed in the world of digital marketing.

How To Use Instagram Stories In Business

Up to 300 million people view Instagram stories every day. The staggering numbers are a real opportunity. According to research from 99firms.com, 20% of stories published by brands culminate in some direct form of interaction with users.

Fitness, health, fashion, beauty, retail, technology, travel, automotive … Whatever your sector is, you can take advantage of stories in this social media platform.

To help you find inspiration, we want to share with you some success stories from brands that know (very well) how to create Instagram stories and use them on a business level.

πŸ‘† Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Stories

Facebook Creative Shop is managed by a team of professionals who are responsible for providing brands and companies with tools, processes and ideas that can help improve their business results. Mercedes Benz used this platform to perfect its campaign for Instagram Stories.

Thus, with the implementation of different editing techniques such as a smart division of the screen to show a different perspective of the C-Class Cabrio, the company was able to showcase the product in a totally fresh, inspiring and spectacular way. The results?

  • A reach of 2.6 million users.
  • An increase in the recall by 9 points.

πŸ‘† McDonald’s Malaysia

If you’re interested in discovering how to make Instagram stories that make people fall in love, pay attention to this success story. The main objective this time was to capture the attention of millennials. To achieve that, McDonald’s Malaysia created dynamic, animated videos which combined elements of design, storytelling and information about the product that it wanted to promote — their 100% Arabica coffee. This is what was achieved:

  • Reached 60% of the target audience.
  • Tripled store sales.

πŸ‘† Asos

The Asos campaign is one of the best examples of Instagram stories that are guaranteed to inspire you. The online fashion brand managed to connect with users in a way that was very powerful. Far from usual style of showing products or encouraging purchase, their campaign was based on simulating several photo shoots in a fun and very natural way. What did they get in return?

  • An increase of 14 points in the recall of the announcement in the United Kingdom.
  • An increase of 7 points in brand awareness in the United States.

πŸ‘† Lego

Lego showed how to make Instagram stories by combining this activity with another tool: Canvas Ads. The brand advertised their commitment to creative learning, fun and games by introducing Vernie, a robotic character that can be designed by using Lego pieces.

Lego Stories

This campaign, coupled with the company’s already high levels of brand awareness, proved that there were important savings to be noted:

  • 58% less on Cost Per Click ads.
  • 45% less on Cost for Thousand Impressions.

πŸ‘† Michael Kors

The brand introduced the Access smart watch collection, especially designed for young women. This was the highlight of the campaign that Michael Kors launched on Instagram Stories.

The campaign focused on the publication of short videos with a lot of finesse and highly interesting features for the target audience to be in awe of. The ads starred model Martha Hunt who was located in New York. What was achieved?

  • 24 more points in the retention of the announcement.
  • 9 more points in the valuation of the brand.

πŸ‘† POT

In this particular scenario, NASA did not need to invest in advertising. NASA chose to show small audio-visual fragments of different missions and repair processes of one of their spacecrafts. Although it was not a direct promotion, their use of Instagram stories has made such an effect that they just simply did not need to do more. It was already a delight for space lovers!

In a similar fashion, you do not need to be advertising all the time to grow your Instagram account. To find out what the secret is to gaining 30,000 IG followers in under a year, sign up for our free trial at Simplygram.

πŸ‘† Airbnb

Airbnb Stories

Airbnb is a frequent user of stories. They use it to interact with their Instagram followers to make sure that the viewers remember their brand for their staycation needs. In particular, the brand stands out because of these well-differentiated actions:

  • Promotion of unique experiences: Aside from beautiful accommodations, Airbnb offers β€œExperiences”. Airbnb Experiences are activities planned and designed by local hosts. Through Experiences, hosts get to share their hobbies, special skills and local know-how to very eager guests. They promoted these new activities through fascinating and unique videos. As expected, this approach resulted to an increase in bookings and a 13 point increase in ad recall.
  • User participation: Airbnb also invited its followers to answer IG polls, encouraging them to find out which destinations appeared in the photographs published on each Instagram Story.

In a nutshell, brands have mastered the art of building engagement and telling compelling narratives through Instagram stories. Their businesses and followings have grown because they worked hard to discover the formula behind what sticks and what doesn’t. For you, it is not impossible to achieve what they have. Our Instagram growth service can also help you find ways to make your Instagram followers stay connected to you while you gain more followers along the way. You can sign up for a free trial here.

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