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Instagram is Spain has more than 8 million unique and active users. It is the fourth most valued social media platform in Spain and is even ahead of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. According to the Annual Study of Social Networks 2016 in IAB Spain, the top three are WhatsApp, YouTube and Spotify. Instagram is also one of the apps that has had an increase in the frequency of visits in the last year. On an average, Spaniards use Instagram for 2 hours and 40 minutes a week.

And that’s only in Spain. All around the world, Instagram has 400 million users, 90% of which are under 35 years old. Its use has doubled in the last year and there are approximately 80 million photos uploaded everyday. According to statistics compiled by Brandwatch, these photos generate 3.5 million “likes” per day.

oldspice Instagram

So how do you make your brand and content stand out from the sea of images?

First, we’d like to share a few details that may seem obvious, but should be remembered just the same:

  1. Your brand’s content on Instagram should follow a clear marketing strategy. Publishing and publishing for no reason at all does not make sense. What are you looking for? Popularity? Brand recognition? Growing your community? Exploring a new niche? Or promoting your new products? Establish an editorial calendar and be consistent.
  2. Instagram’s primary function is not about channeling traffic to a website, this is not its main virtue. Although there are external applications designed to integrate Instagram with online shopping ecommerce, there is never a direct link between the image and its website, and the URLs of the descriptions are not active or clickable.
  3. Use hashtags to increase the potential reach of your content. You can use up to 30 hashtags in the same caption, but there is no need to exhaust the list! If you do not know which words to use, there are tons of resources out there to help you analyze your Instagram hashtags.
  4. Fashion, gastronomy and travel are some of the most recurrent themes on Instagram. And brands related to these sectors have a lot more potential traffic. But they are not the only ones. The key is to be able to tell a story from an image, and to share it with your Instagram followers in a way that evokes curiosity, wonder or familiarity.
  5. Instagram is not just the app itself. There are many complementary applications in the market that can help you edit photos on Instagram and manage your Instagram account. They can make your life a lot easier once you learn to utilize most of them.

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Six types of content to boost your Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Interactive “Brand” Comic

Old Spice created an interactive comic through tagged images. Through the use of labels, users were able to select the different narratives and alternative endings that were preconceived by the campaign’s creators, enabling them to build their own story. This was a great way to encourage bonding and interaction with their Instagram followers in a playful and entertaining way.

Interactive "Brand" Comic

2. Custom Product Designing

Or almost. This is what Mercedes Benz proposed for the GLA250. Instagram followers got to configure their own car by selecting the color, the accessories, and so on. The mechanics of this interaction were similar to the Old Spice comic. They shared tagged images that led to the “next phase” of the configuration process. The final result of the exercise was your very own version of your GLA250 car, just as you designed it. For this type of campaign, it was essential for Mercedes Benz to create several user accounts on Instagram and associate them with the process. This was due to the large number of steps involved to tag the images, guide the user and reach the end.

Custom Product Designing

3. Mosaic Images

A great example for this style would be Save the Children Spain. They converted their news feed into a series of images forming one cohesive mosaic. When broken down, each image held a meaning and message of its own. Each image also encouraged their Instagram followers to visit their main landing site and check for more information. The mosaic will, of course, change in appearance once new images are uploaded. So trying out this style requires days and weeks of visualizing and planning ahead.

4. Tutorials and Demonstrations

This technique was used by Bimbo España. Combining several photographs in a single image to create a step by step demonstration of a task or artwork is also a great way to attract followers. It is perfect for recipes, DIYs, upcycle tutorials, crafts and any other similar tasks. The more original the result, the better.

5. Visual Summary of the Brand’s Trajectory

Audi, for example, shared an infographic on old photos and logos. They proceeded to tell the story of how the Audi logo evolved throughout the years. It was a great way to share the company’s history with its followers, and make them feel that they are a part of its change and growth.

Visual Summary of the Brand's Trajectory

6. Alphabet Soups

VirusDLaFelicidad encouraged their followers to participate in their own alphabet soup game which was more or less their version of a word search challenge. Users had to comment the words they found or formed from the alphabet soup image posted on the page. In this case, the easier it is to solve the alphabet soup, the better. Why? Because more answers mean a higher rate of involvement. Ultimately, it’s not all about getting the right answers but about connecting with their Instagram followers and having fun.

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