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One of the most common activities we find in social media is sharing content. We like to share posts from other users that catch our attention. We do this so we can add value to our feed, share joy or information to our followers, or simply to keep the posts in our profile so we can check them again when we want to.  

This was something that Instagram did not allow until recently, unless you employed the help of third party tools. The biggest question is, how do we repost in Instagram and stories? That is precisely what we will tell you about in this article.

What is repost on Instagram?

Who hasn’t found a funny story or post that they wanted to share with their followers or friends? Everybody has. The funny thing is, not everyone knows how to share content in Instagram.

If you are one of the users who are wondering how this is done, bear in mind that:

If you use or have been tempted to use some unofficial external tool to manage your Instagram account, think twice. You may be running the risk of losing your account.

Being able to repost or share other publications in profiles or stories can be good for objectives such as:

  • Encouraging the increase of Instagram followers and interactions within publications of common interest.
  • Enriching your content strategy with stories related to your business or personal brand.
  • Getting more reach in Instagram Stories (if you set them up so that others can share your stories too).

Basically, there are 3 options for you to be able to repost via Instagram. Not all are 100% flexible, so take note of how you could:

  1. Repost a post to a story.
  2. Repost a story to another story.
  3. Repost a post to another post.

💡 How to repost a post to a story

Let’s take a look at the simplest option that has the most potential for increasing reach. Reposting post to Instagram stories is a very easy way to make your stories more appealing.

From any publication in your feed, you will have the option to share a post to your stories from the same icon that you would use to share a post via DM (Direct Message).

Direct Message image

This is a great way to mention your favorite instagram accounts on your stories. It is also the fastest way to tell your Instagram followers that you were in the same event. Doing this hits two birds with one stone. Why? You are are able to mark a special occasion and you get to share it with people you know.

💡 How to repost Instagram Stories

Another awesome option to repost on Instagram is being able to share the story of another user in your own stories. Sounds complicated, right? In reality, it’s not. You only need to know a few certain conditions to be able to perform this type of repost:

  • The account from which you want to repost, must have the “allow sharing” option activated in the settings of their stories. Remember to do the same for your profile settings.
  • Repost a story when someone mentions you in theirs.
How to repost Instagram Stories image

Generally, the reason for maximizing the use of stories is for us to interact with a larger number of users. Consider the use of Simplygram to gain more IG followers and become Instagram famous in just a short amount of time.

💡 How to repost a post to a new post on Instagram

Finally, we arrive at the last option, reposting another user’s post from their feed to yours. Unfortunately, this functionality is only possible with the use of external tools such as the Hootsuite app. There are a number of other apps you can explore for both iOS and Android.

Although reposting another user’s post is not an act that is directly linked to gaining more IG followers, Instagram still closely monitors such activities for any possible acts of manipulation. Of course, any account found within breach of Instagram policies could be penalized. For this reason, consider alternative practices instead of using external apps.

You can then try reposting manually by carrying out the following steps:

  • Before sharing any photo from another user, request their permission through a DM or a comment.
  • If you have obtained permission to do so, You can manually trim their photo so you can share it on your profile. ALWAYS mention the original account (For example: “Original photo of @simplygram”).
  • Avoid making substantial changes to the original photos that you share. The author or owner may not agree with the changes.
  • In cases where sharing is requested like “chain” type contests, ensure that the consent for sharing is included in the rules of participation.

And there you go! The complete guide to reposting content on Instagram. Remember to work within the policies of this social media platform and always consider the intellectual rights of the owners you are sharing from.

We hope this helps you add more value your story/feed’s content, and enables you to reach more followers. If you need help with fast tracking your account growth so you can gain 30,000 followers in under a year, sign up for a free trial of our Instagram growth service today.

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