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The act of Social Selling, that is, selling products or services online, is going through a complete evolution thanks to the development of ecommerce systems within social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about activating and using Instagram Shopping to multiply your sales through social media.

Users spend a lot of their leisure time on social media. For this reason, they are more likely to make purchases through their platform of choice. This fact clearly illustrates the opportunity to achieve higher conversions and sales. According to Digital in 2018: Q3 Global Digital Statshot, Instagram has more than 1,000 million active users per month, and it is the social network that attracts the largest number of young people. It is therefore logical to turn to Instagram Shopping as the safest and most profitable bet if anyone wants a secure future in digital marketing.

“With more than 1,000 million active users per month, Instagram Shopping is a safe bet for the future.”

In addition to Instagram having its own system of direct sales, it also has certain advantages (both for the buyer and seller) which are we should take into proper account:

  • As sellers we have a free sales platform where we can upload our products and catalogs at no cost. Although we can have our ecommerce on our own website synchronized with our shop on Instagram and Facebook, the truth is, we can also sell directly without having to worry about the development and maintenance of a dedicated website.
  • The management of the platform, product updates, and sales management is very simple for the seller. The most complicated thing that can possibly arise is the activation of Instagram Shopping, but we will help you out with that in this article.
  • Buyers will feel confident when making purchases because Instagram is well-known platform.
  • The ease of purchase, in a few clicks, will improve sales.

What Is Instagram Shopping?

Shopping and Multiply Your Sales

In case you haven’t tried or seen it yet, Instagram Shopping is a functionality that is focused on the purchase/sale of products directly from Instagram. In other words, it is an online store transferred to the Instagram platform.

In this way, once you have installed and activated Instagram Shopping, you will only have to tag the products of your catalog in the photographs that you uploaded. Then, buyers will be able to see the photographs and if they find it interesting or worth checking, they can always click on the products to see more information. If they are convinced, they can make the purchase right away.

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How To Install Instagram Shopping? Step by Step Guide

To activate Instagram Shopping in your account you must follow these steps:

  • Check that you have a company profile, and if not, activate it.
  • Keep in mind that it is only allowed for physical products that comply with the rules of merchants’ agreement and  trade policies .
  • Also ensure that your Instagram profile is associated with a fan page and a Facebook Business Manager.
  • If you do not have it yet, create your product catalog in Facebook Business Manager first.
  • Connect your Business Manager catalog with your Instagram account.
  • Wait for Instagram to give you approval to use Instagram Shopping.
  • Once you have the approval to use Instagram Shopping with your account, you can go to “Configuration” where you will find the “Purchases” option. You can now select a catalog of products.
  • To label products in a photo, you only have to upload the photo (as usual). Then, click on the product, search for the product in your catalog and associate it.

10 Tricks To Use Instagram Shopping and Multiply Your Sales

Instagram Shopping
  • Keep your catalog updated with new products and prices.
  • Take quality photos of your products. Add striking texts that your potential clients may like. Be creative and do not limit yourself to publishing product photos that are too dry. You will not be able to pique their interest or curiosity in your brand and Instagram followers will stop following you if you lack the ability to make your posts engaging and interesting.
  • Use visual storytelling to tell stories through your Instagram account.
  • Maintain a visual coherence through filters, images and colors according to your corporate image and brand values.
  • Do not “muddle” or crowd the shared images with data such as product name, price, description or characteristics. Instagram is a social media platform where beautiful images prevail and that is what you should always imbibe. They can obtain the rest of the information by clicking on the product, if the image appeals to them.
  • Archive images of those products that are no longer available in the catalog. Remember that you can always retrieve them later, once they become available again.
  • Don’t forget that your Instagram followers have specific profiles that may be different from your ecommerce. Study their tastes and preferences. You may discover that you are selling the wrong product typology that is not the favorite among your customers. If so, use the the opportunity to the fullest by reorganizing your goals and adjusting your strategies accordingly.
  • Encourage sales through Instagram Ads. The results will show that the investment was worth it.

“Without investment there is no conversion.” – Cita

  • Collaborate and enter into agreements with other brands related to your audience to exchange content, make bundles of products, etc. Ensure that those other brands do not directly compete with what you are selling. Instagram stories are an excellent way to establish and publicize relationships with other businesses.
  • Show your products, their use and application to real life scenarios through regularly planned posts. Then share the publication associated with the product in your stories so that they can view and purchase it. The ideal outline of the story should be: presentation + use of the product + publication with labeled product.

We hope that these ideas help boost your business through Social Selling. If you want to achieve even greater success, gaining a huge number of followers in a short amount of time won’t hurt either. Sign up for a free trial on Simplygram so we can help you grow your Instagram following right away.

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