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Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the power and influence of Instagram to shape the behavior of its users, and users of other social media platforms. Far from its roots of being a simple source of entertainment and photo-sharing, it has evolved into a platform of communities where we exchange opinions and impressions, make recommendations or seek suggestions about different products or services. Suffice it to say, knowing how to get the most out of Instagram Ads for your business and personal brand is key if you want your sales and revenue to grow.

Advertising on social media networks has become the practical and essential choice for any type of business. And it doesn’t matter if your are just starting your business, have been working on it for some time, or still considering whether or not you should advertise your products online. Ultimately, everybody does it. It is the new market of our time.

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram Ads for eCommerce, you can sell products even without having or paying for your own website. Many of my students ask me about when the perfect time is to take the plunge and create an online store. My response has always been based on what products they are planning to sell.

Instagram Ads For eCommerce: Ideas By Sector

There is a lot of information available online about Instagram Ads for eCommerce. Unfortunately, not all of them will explain much about generating ideas for quality content and strategies that are effective for the different sectors we belong to. And the reason why I consider it important to be able to distinguish between different sectors is because different types of content can be used according to the type of campaign you should be running.

Here, I give you some examples that I have compiled mostly from questions asked by my students. Just like you, quite a number of them of were scared and full of doubt in the beginning. I hope these will serve as an inspiration and guide for you to create more ads on Instagram:

💡 Ideas for Fashion and Beauty eCommerce

Ideas for Fashion and Beauty eCommerce

Online stores for clothing, accessories and beauty products consider Instagram as their greatest ally in terms of gaining popularity, increased sales and more Instagram followers. There are many tips that could give you a great edge if you have a business specializing in the fashion industry. Here are some of those awesome tips:

  • Educational content + guides for special occasions. Users are now increasingly appreciating content that offers them added value, even if they come from advertising campaigns. Therefore, do not dismiss the idea of an offer that showcases guides or tips on how to choose the best looks for special occasions. For example, publish a selection showcasing some of your clothes that customers can wear on Christmas, at a baptism or at an important work meeting.
  • Personalized discounts + actions with influencers.  Instagram followers who are fans of clothing brands also value uniqueness in content. Dedicate effort to offer personalized discounts based on their tastes, or purchases that they have already made in your store. If you are working with influencers, Instagram Ads are super effective in broadcasting videos and/or stories containing great testimonials about your product’s quality or performance.

💡 Instagram Ads for Photo and Print eCommerce

Here, my recommendation to advertise on Instagram Ads is not only applicable to eCommerce products. If, for example, you come from the service sector and you dedicate yourself to photography, you can promote your skills to the public. You can specify if you cater to individuals, events or companies. You could also create educational content with striking headlines as “Photos You Can’t Miss on Your Wedding Day” or “The Advantages of Adequate Coverage on Your Company Event ‘, and the like.

In many cases, so as not to violate the privacy of customers or not to violate data protection regulations, great output that could potentially attract new clients could not be made public. My advice is that you always ask for permission. This is also a great time to ask for testimonials which you can add to increase the value of your Facebook or Instagram Ads.

Attracting new clients also entails gaining more Instagram followers. You can employ the use of our Instagram growth service to boost your business by getting 30,000 IG followers in under a year. Sign up for a free trial today.

💡 Ideas for eCommerce in the Tourism Sector

Ideas for eCommerce in the Tourism Sector

Travel agencies that operate online can also take advantage of Instagram Ads for eCommerce. These are some of the formulas that I recommend if you have an online store dedicated to this type of niche:

  • Content about the most popular destinations + actions with influencers. If there is any field where influencer marketing has grown significantly, other than the fashion sector, its tourism. Do you notice how the people you follow and admire often visit amazing places? Using this approach to advertise your travel agency can be the perfect hook.
  • Chains, Contests and Raffle Draws. If done correctly, the impact they can achieve is quite considerable. Although giving prizes implies cost to the business, the popularity and buzz that your brand will achieve with each contest or raffle will make it worthwhile.

💡 Instagram Ads for Furniture and Decoration eCommerce

Much like the world of fashion, interior design is also a highly visual field where Instagram Ads could work really well. Here are a couple of content ideas:

  • Lead capture campaigns. Not everything that we share in Instagram Ads has to revolve around sales. You can also offer valuable content in exchange for users registering to your newsletter or mailing list. For example, people interested in home decor may want to receive the latest news and updates about discounts, new furniture or decorating ideas.
  • Ads + retargeting for new collections. For instance, invest in Instagram Ads for your eCommerce when you present a new furniture collection, the way Ikea does. In this scenario, the idea is for you to generate expectation and excitement by announcing upcoming collections in advance. You can also launch retargeting campaigns to users who have already shown interest in your decor and furniture products.

💡 Extra Instagram Ads Tips for eCommerce

Extra Instagram Ads Tips for eCommerce

Using Instagram Ads to appeal to users and create great first impressions on your advertising campaigns is not the end of the line. You should also create conversion funnels to be able to maximize your reach and gain optimum results:

  • Recall campaigns on Instagram Ads to follow up on purchases that have not been completed.
  • Using the Carousel Tool to encourage purchases on product collections that come with individual photographs.
  • Instagram Ads Stories with engaging and effective calls to action (in conversion campaigns remember to use the conversion pixel and check the option “Measure All Conversions” at the end of each individual announcement).

And speaking of maximizing you reach, you can also help your business by using our Instagram growth service to gain more IG followers. After all, having more followers means more people will be able to see, share and get interested in your ads. Imagine how 30,000 followers more in under a year can help your brand. Here’s a free trial to get you started.

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